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Question: What do I do if I forgot my password?
Answer: If you can't remember your password, click the "forget password?" link on the main Home page. This link is found below the log in information just below the password box. Then enter the user name and email address. The GateTrade server will email you a new password that you can use to log in with. After you log in, you can then change your password by going to Preferences > Account Preferences.

Q: How do I post positions?
A: After logging in, select the "buy/sell" tab. Within the "buy/sell" tab select the commodity and shipment terms, then press the submit button. Fill out the appropriate information on the second page, e.g. if you wish to buy or sell, origin or destination, etc. and then press the submit button.
Note: Once you post your position the other trading party may contact you to discuss terms (see how do I negotiate below) Once you have agreed upon terms, then you can confirm your trade.

Q: How do I negotiate?
A: All of your active negotiations are shown on the Negotiations page (select the negotiations tab.) They are divided up into two areas:

  • The "Please Respond" section is for negotiations that require you to take action on the latest offer by the other party.
  • The "Waiting for Response" section is for negotiations that are still waiting for the other party to review your last counter offer.

If you want to modify any negotiation just click the link for that order number. You can then modify or cancel the negotiation completely.

Q: How do I view my company positions?
A: After logging in, select "open positions" from within the "buy/sell" tab and then press the "View Orders" button.

Q: What are the market reports?
A: There are three types of market reports:

  1. Free Reports
  2. Member-Only Reports
  3. Exclusive Reports

The free reports are reports available to member and non-members and describe the major markets and their daily activity.

The member-only reports are only available to members and describe the major markets and their daily activity with more specificity and commentary than the free reports.

The exclusive market reports are available to paid members for a monthly fee of USD50.00. The exclusive reports are typically seven separate reports each month consisting of four technical reports on BMD CPO Futures and three Malaysia Palm Oil Supply & Demand Forecast reports.

Q: How do I become an advertiser on GateTrade's website?
A: All GateTrade registered clients can advertise on the GateTrade homepage. It's an effective way to reach decision makers in our industry.
Your advertisement will appear on the right hand column and will look similar to a Google ad "a title and text with a hyperlink," or your ad may be a graphic that is hyperlinked.
Advertise on the home page of the GateTrade website to reach important industry decision makers. It's easy - just tell us about your ad, select an ad position and the length of placement and then pay using PayPal.
Ads that show continuously on the GateTrade Home Page are $500 per month and ads that rotate with other ads in that same space are $50 per month.
Charges for advertising are billed monthly. we do not bill them. it is automatic deducted from their credit card through paypal. 
To get started, log into the GateTrade site and then choose "buy ad space" under the "advertise" menu.
Questions? Contact us at

Q: Does it cost anything to register my company?
A: No, registration to trade in the GateTrade market place is absolutely free. Simply fill out the registration form by clicking on the Create New Account button on the main page of the site.

Q: What are your commission rates?
A: Commissions are paid by the seller only and are US$0.75 per metric ton for all export markets and RM 1.50 per metric ton for the CPO Malaysia local market. The buyer never pays any commissions.

Q: How can I get the feeling or sentiment of the market?
A: GateTrade has its ear to the ground by being in constant contact with market sources both in cash and futures. This market information is posted in the Market Reports section of the main page of our website. Information regarding ideas on crop conditions, weather patterns, major commercial and fund players in futures and the latest ideas on who is moving and shaking in the cash markets are all posted on the GateTrade site. If you register your company with GateTrade, our customers have exclusive access to posted trades executed in the GateTrade marketplace for the past 24 hours as well as the current bid and ask positions in the market place.

Q: How do you handle the original docs, payments, circle, washout and strings and the functions that brokers do for us now?
A: GateTrade handles all these items the same way a physical broker does.

Q: How do I view trading recap?
A: After login click "Trading Recap" under "Market Overview".

What is the trading recap page?
The Trading Recap page shows you a list of all the trades that have happened through GateTrade.

Using this page:
Select one or more commodities from the sub-commodity list on the left and then click on the "Show Selected Commodities" button. If you want to see the latest trades for all sub-commodities click on the "Show All Commodities" button.

Q: What do the biodiesel terms FAME and CFPP mean?
A: FAME stands for "Fatty Acid Methyl Ester" and it refers to blends of biodiesel. These blends contain differenct quantities of the pure vegetable and/or tallow oil methyl esters depending on the CFPP point desired.

CFPP is "Cold Filter Plugging Points". The CFPP is the highest temperature, expressed in multiples of 1 degree centigrate, at which a given volume of fuel fails to pass through a standardized filtration device in a specified time when cooled under certain conditions. This test gives an estimate for the lowest temperature that a fuel will give trouble free flow in certain fuel systems.

If this frequently asked questions form does not answer your question regarding GateTrade, please send an email to with the question.

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